Cat Fountain with Waterflow™ Filter

  • Entices Cats To Drink More And Stay Properly Hydrated
  • Constant Fresh And Clean Water
  • Helps Reduce The Risk Of Urinary Tract And Kidney Problems
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The Problems When Cats Don't Drink Enough Water

According to studies, 3 out of 4 cats suffer from frequent dehydration.

If not addressed promptly, dehydration can lead to a host of health problems.

•It forces the kidneys to work harder

• It can contribute to the formation of urinary crystals

• It can lead to constipation

• It can result in dry, flaky skin and a lackluster coat

The Cat Fountain with Waterflow® Filter is a convenient and effective way to make sure your furry friend receives the hydration they need, even when your schedule is packed and they're home alone.

No more constantly refilling bowls or fretting over their water intake. It provides a constant source of fresh water, fostering their well-being without requiring your constant attention.

Cats Love the Sound of Flowing Water

Cats possess an instinctual draw to moving water. It's in their nature, an ancient connection that speaks to their wild origins.

By mimicking the captivating effect of a running stream, the Cat Fountain entices your cat to stay hydrated. With the integrated Waterflow® Filter, our cat fountain ensures that the water is constantly refreshed and free from impurities. It guarantees your cat enjoys not only the allure of flowing water but also the benefits of purified hydration.

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Healthy Hydration with Little Effort

Our Cat Water Fountain is not just a source of water; it supports your cat's health and well-being effortlessly. No more awkward water bowls that strain your cat's neck and spine.

The design promotes healthy posture during drinking, minimizing discomfort and enhancing digestion. The ultra-quiet feature ensures your cat's serene moments aren't disturbed. USB chargeable so your cat will have a sustainable and continuous flow of water without the need of changing batteries.

Let your cat access clean water easily and without hassle. Order the Cat Fountain with Waterflow® Filter today!

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Why Cats Love the Cat Fountain with Waterflow® Filter



Designed with your pet's well-being in mind
With Waterflow® Filter technology for a higher water level purity
Combines functionality with aesthetics
Ultra-quiet operation
Crafted with high-quality materials
Continuous operation without frequent battery replacements

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